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Are you a healthcare IT or XIS provider?


Clinical Rules is designed to collaborate with patient file systems in the healthcare sector, so-called XISs. It therefore focuses on both doctors and pharmacists. Current medication monitoring is often too limited and not sufficiently specific. Clinical Rules goes beyond the current system and involves a wider range of patient data in order to detect more relevant signals. Collaborating with the XIS provider enables proper integration of Clinical Rules into the workflow of the healthcare professional. Furthermore, signals are not generated directly from the patient file database, but through the exchange of anonymised patient data between XIS and the Clinical Rules Engine (CRE). This engine is a web service that reports potential problems back as alerts to the healthcare professional's XIS. Clinical Rules reports, patient record keeping and reporting signal detection follow-up is also done through XIS.


In this way, Clinical Rules is taking the next step towards medication safety and medicines optimisation: a significant part of the infrastructure is outsourced. Clinical Rules upgrades the knowledge-based content of the XIS, without the need for major changes in the structure of the patient file. Therefore, the XIS user retains the initiative and ALL file keeping and confidential information remain within the XIS. The CRE merely executes clinical logical rules and does not retain any information. In short: the end-user can access Clinical Rules via the XIS, but not the other way round.