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Clinical Rules builds a bridge between the available knowledge and clinical practice. This knowledge needs to be modelled and based on recognised and coded elements of the patient file, such as age, gender, diagnoses, medication, and lab reports. The modelled knowledge is then converted into Clinical Rules protocols. These protocols are maintained centrally in a so-called Clinical Rules Engine. The Clinical Rules Engine is capable of analysing a classified set of patient data from an XIS and reporting problems back to the health care professional.
Currently, two sources within Clinical Rules are being made available. Clinical Rules protocols are being developed in collaboration with the department of Clinical Pharmacy at Orbis MC in Sittard-Geleen. This is part of the project SCREEN (Supporting Clinical Rules in the Evaluation of Elderly patients with Neuropsychiatric disorders). In time, medical and pharmaceutical decision rules (Medisch Farmaceutische Beslisregels (MFB’s) will become available through the G standard of Z-index bv.

Clinical Rules provides a platform for knowledge sharing with health care professionals. This knowledge can be integrated seamlessly with existing health care operating procedures, through intensive collaboration with health care IT providers.