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What is Clinical Rules?


Clinical Rules© is a real-time decision support module, which focuses on medication safety and medicines optimisation based on an in-depth risk profile of the patient. By separating irrelevant issues from essential problems and providing professional support throughout the chain of care, Clinical Rules allows for more purposeful notifications. Clinical Rules provides a broader and more specific analysis in a longitudinal context compared with traditional methods of medication monitoring.

Clinical Rules does not analyse medication based on merely one-to-one relations such as traditional drug-drug-interactions. Clinical rules analyses real-time the outcomes of complex individual risk profiles by using anonymised patient data, such as age, gender, registered (contra)indications, lab data and medication. The analysis is done both proactively (incident signalling) and retrospectively (follow-up of incident reports, taking into account the intermediate interventions). This results in a personalised advice for each patient.

Clinical Rules (CRR ánd CRE) has a valid CE certificate and Declaration of Conformity and thus meets the basic requirements, safety standards and guidelines in accordance with the directive: 93/42 / EEC medical devices. Under the current MDD, the CE marking must be in order, valid and updated. The transition to the new MDR has been initiated for Clinical Rules.