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Community pharmacists & Stichting StatusScoop


In 2013 in collaboration with several community pharmacists, Z-index and eZorg a project started to unroll guidelines to support the pharmaceutical health care. The group of practising pharmacists, organised in the foundation Stichting StatusScoop, has taken the initiative to create an infrastructure based on Landelijk Schakelpunt (LSP, electronic patiënt file) and to integrate this with Clinical Rules.

Reducing improper use of medication

End of 2014, the Apothekersvereniging Midden-Nederland (Pharmacists Association Central Netherlands) presented an interim report to VZVZ (the Association of Healthcare Providers for Healthcare Communication) on the Pilot StatusScoop, with the cooperation of 20 pharmacies. The first results are significant, especially because of the importance to weigh laboratory results when prescribing medication. Research within the pilot regions shows that only 24% of the medication relevant lab results were communicated by the doctor to the pharmacy. Despite the legal obligation since a year - Geneesmiddelenwet, artikel 66a (Dutch law on medicines: On the delivery of medicinal products and their prescription). The substantial number of hospitalisations that is related to improper use of medication could be reduced by the consideration of lab results.

At the time of the pilot more than 1,500 patients were logged in to the LSP to retrieve medication, ICA and laboratory tests. At 8 pharmacies nearly half were (610) evaluated on the Clinical Rules Engine, resulting in 868 red alerts, the highest alert level with a reference to complications around medication.

In January 2016 the report ‘Klinische relevantie van medisch farmaceutische beslisregels inzake laboratoriumwaarden in openbare apotheken – PR14-008’ (‘Clinical relevance of medical pharmaceutical decision rules in laboratory values in public pharmacies’) was presented to the Royal Dutch Association for the Advancement of Pharmacy. It was clear that a majority of the participating pharmacies wanted to continue using StatusScoop after completing the pilot.