New RuleSet: CR COVID-19


Wednesday, 15/04/2020 onder Nieuwsberichten

The Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Toxicology team of Zuyderland Medical Center has collaborated with Digitalis Rx on the development of Rules that can be used within Clinical Rules as part of the medication monitoring for the therapy policy at COVID-19.
The Rules within the CR COVID-19 RuleSet of Zuyderland MC focus on:

  • The control of kidney function, such as the dose of (hydroxy) chloroquine in relation to kidney function.
  • The interactions within a COVID-19 therapy are registered. See:
  • Control of interaction of (hydroxy) chloroquine with new DOACs (anticoagulation) and COVID-19 therapy are registered.
  • Advice for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) for a number of medicines when used simultaneously with (hydroxy) chloroquine.
  • Monitoring QT interval prolongation in electrolyte abnormalities and in patients over 70. QT interval prolongation is a known problem with some drugs and the consequences can be very serious.

RuleSet CR COVID-19 is developed by Brigit van Oijen (hospital pharmacist and clinical pharmacologist) and Debbie Deben (pharmacist and AIOS hospital pharmacy), supported by Dennis Wong (hospital pharmacist, clinical pharmacologist) and Niels Boone (hospital pharmacist) - all affiliated with Zuyderland MC. Bob van de Loo (project manager and pharmacist) is responsible for Clinical Rules within Digitalis Rx.

RuleSet CR COVID-19 is available immediately and free of charge. Interested?
Please contact Bob van de Loo,